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Payment for the non-refundable application processing fee and full earnest money deposit must accompany all applications. I understand that the earnest money deposit is not a security deposit; however, these funds will be applied towards the Security Deposit should the Landlord enter into a Rental Agreement with me. If this application is approved and I fail to enter into a Rental Agreement, the earnest money will be retained to compensate Landlord’s costs and damages, subject to the Landlord’s duty to mitigate. Mitigated expenses may include, but are not limited to, advertising, showings, utilities for showings, prospect screenings, marketing costs, and any other overhead required to relet the unit. Previously cancelled applicants have the option to reapply within 12 months, at which time the previously retained funds will be applied to the security deposit for an executed rental agreement.

I understand that my application will not be considered complete until all leaseholder applications have been submitted, all fees and applicable deposits paid, and all supporting documentation provided. If this application is rejected, withdrawn, or if no action is taken by the end of three business days after the date of submission, the earnest money and any subsequent payments will be refunded by the end of the next business day. Application processing fees are non-refundable. If there is a legitimate delay, upon notifying Applicant, the Landlord’s Agent for Owner has permission to extend the processing time up to 21 days if necessary.

I hereby authorize Landlord to investigate my credit and fiscal responsibility, income, rental and eviction history, criminal background, and any of the statements made in this application through any means available, either public or private. I understand that I will pay the Landlord's actual cost of $17.00, which is non-refundable, to obtain such investigation results. I further authorize Landlord to obtain a criminal background report on me through the Wisconsin Circuit Court website (or any other means that should become available) and the sex offender registry. I understand that my income must be verifiable, and proof of income must be submitted at the time of application. My performance under any Rental Agreement that I may enter with the Landlord may be reported to such reporting agencies.

I warrant and represent that I am at least 18 years of age and all information and answers to the above questions are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that providing false or misleading information or statements, exchanged now or later, may be grounds for denial of my application or termination of Rental Agreement, and such action may result in criminal penalties. Failure to provide required or requested information to process the application may result in application denial. I understand that my approval for occupancy is contingent upon meeting management’s resident selection criteria.

As required by state law, you are hereby notified that you may obtain information about the sex offender registry and persons registered with the registry by contacting the Wisconsin Department of Corrections on the Internet at or by phone at 608-240-5830.

Copies of the Rental Agreement, Addenda, and Rules & Regulations are available for review in the rental office. For applications completed electronically through email, a copy will be attached. Questions should be discussed with the Landlord’s Agent for Owner before signing a Rental Agreement.

If I am submitting an electronic application, I hereby confirm that all information submitted has been provided and reviewed by me and is accurate.

Individual applications must be completed for each occupant over 18 years of age. Misleading or falsification of information is grounds for denial or termination of Rental Agreement.